GOLD Midwifery 2023 Interactive Sessions

As part of GOLD's dedication to continuing to grow and push the boundaries of what is possible with online learning, we are excited to introduce a new element of the GOLD Midwifery conference for 2023! Take your online conference learning experience further than ever before during these interactive sessions with top experts.

As our conference grows and we continue to explore new learning opportunities, we welcome you to join us for this enhanced learning experience. Tap into our speakers’ expertise, connect with your international colleagues, and develop skills you can apply directly to your practice.

Learn more about our new interactive session:

Rebecca Feldman

Decision Making and Psychiatric Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation with Rebecca Feldman, CNM, PMHNP-BC
Through interactive case studies, participants will be able to critically think through the assessment and care plan strategies that will best assist the patients and families in their care. The discussion will also focus on the mental health implications of Psychiatric Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation and how to best provide holistic care in those contexts.

Live Tuesday, February 14.
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