GOLD Speakers


Maryn Leister Green, CPM

  • Country: USA

Maryn Leister Green is a Certified Professional Midwife that lives in Sedona, Arizona. Maryn is well known for her international association, the Indie Birth Association (indiebirth.com), which serves and educates women and midwives all over the world. She has written numerous blog posts and recorded over 65 podcasts on iTunes (“Taking Back Birth”) that encourage women and midwives to rethink what they have been taught, and re-connect with ancient wisdom in combination with current research and knowledge. Maryn created and hosted her first international midwifery conference this year. She is a graduate of the Ancient Art of Midwifery School. Most passionate about physiological birth and the fate of future generations, Maryn has been inspired and taught by the birth of her own 7 children. When not learning or teaching, Maryn enjoys spending time in the Red Rocks, hiking with her kids and dogs.