GOLD Speakers


Dr. Wendy Jones, PhD, MSc

  • Country: GB

In her employed life she was a community pharmacist and also worked in doctor surgeries supporting cost effective, evidence-based prescribing. Wendy qualified as an pharmacist prescriber specializing in the prevention of Coronary Heart Disease – of which breastfeeding is an extension. She left work in 2011 to work on writing her book Breastfeeding and Medication (Routledge 2013), developing information and training material on drugs in breastmilk. She recently published Breastfeeding for Dads and Grandmas (Praeclarus Press) and Why Mothers Medication Matters (Pinter and Martin). She runs a helpline service on the use of medication in breastfeeding mothers for a UK charity, responding to healthcare professionals and mothers. She has been a breastfeeding supporter for 29 years. She is passionate that breastfeeding should be valued by all and that medication should not be a barrier. Wendy has three daughters, all breastfed and as passionate about breastfeeding as her, she also has three grandchildren.