GOLD Speakers


Betty-Anne Daviss, RM, MA

  • Country: Canada

Betty-Anne Daviss MA, RM has practised as a midwife for over 40 years on various continents, and as a researcher in the social sciences and clinical epidemiology, for over 25 years. An Adjunct Professor in Ottawa, Canada, she has taught since the 1980s about the politics of gender and health. She has worked towards midwifery legislation in Canada and the U.S. and acted as the project coordinator for the Safe Motherhood Initiative of the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO). Engaged with the SOGC when it first began to reintroduce vaginal breech birth to Canada, she has helped to organize several breech conferences and was the co-principal investigator and principle writer for the Frankfurt study comparing vaginal breeches born with the mothers upright vs on their backs (2017). She was a co-editor of Birth Models That Work (2009) and is principal editor of Speaking Truth to Power: Childbirth Models on the Human Rights Frontier (forthcoming 2019).