GOLD Speakers


Sara Kindberg, RM, MhSs, PhD

  • Country: Denmark

Sara Kindberg has been a midwife since 1999, working in hospitals in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Greenland. Perineal care and especially surgical repair of perineal lacerations has been her clinical and academic focus and subject of her Master of Health Thesis in 2005 and her PhD dissertation in 2008.

The research highlighted an unmet need for hands-on training and bedside supervision among midwifery students and midwifery colleagues. The Danish Ministry of Innovation and Research rewarded Sara with a grant to commercialise her knowledge and passion for training perineal repair into an online resource: Sara was nominated “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2011.

GynZone offers online learning about the diagnosis and surgical repair of perineal lacerations from 1st to 4th degree tears.

Sara currently also works as a perineal care specialist at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark and is managing the first Scandinavian midwifery led pelvic floor unit that offers early secondary perineal repair.

The World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted this set-up of a midwifery-led pelvic floor clinic as an example of excellent clinical practice in the European compendium of good practices in nursing and midwifery towards Health 2020 report.