GOLD Midwifery Conference News

Get ready to kick off this year’s conference with some practice-changing education! Join us live on Monday, February 6 with Elizabeth Davis, CPM, BA Holistic Maternity Care at “Shoulder Dystocia: Prediction, Prevention, and Appropriate Response”.

Full details and registration here: https://www.goldmidwifery.com/conference/speakers/keynote-presentations-speakers 

Elizabeth Davis is a highly-respected midwife, reproductive health care specialist, author, speaker, educator, and consultant. With over 40 years of experience in the field and extensive international work with various organizations and associations, she brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to this year’s conference.

Her info-packed presentation connects you to the most up-to-date information on this potentially very dangerous birth complication. Elizabeth will guide us through a detailed look at the physiology of undisturbed birth and the cardinal movements a baby must accomplish to minimize the likelihood of shoulder dystocia developing. We’ll also explore the impact of common hospital practices and which time-efficient techniques can be used for both anterior shoulder dystocia and bilateral shoulder dystocia.

Learn more about our full conference line up here: https://www.goldmidwifery.com/conference/speakers 

We look forward to seeing you online for this exciting event!