Association Rewards Program

Over the past decade, we’ve worked closely with many maternal-child health Associations across the world, providing valuable evidence-based education for their members. At GOLD Midwifery, we are proud supporters of the work that not-for-profits and community-based groups play in the betterment of the industry.

We’re excited to share with you two association initiatives, which will provide your members with new educational resources and exclusive membersip benefits, at an affordable price.

Group Association Registration

Strength membership ties and promote internal discussions by registering as a group. Through our group registration, each member will receive a discount of up to $25 USD (depending on your Country Category) off the conference as well as additional savings on the add-on lecture packs. You'll also be able to receive additional rewards through our Group Registration Benefits including free education for group coordinators and gift certificates for your members.

"Get 10, Give 10" Association Member Program

Would you like to receive a donation everytime one of your members registers for the conference? Our Get 10, Give 10 is an exciting new initiative that is a great (and easy) way to raise funds for your Not-for-Profit Association!

How it works
Participating associations will receive a personalized promo code that can be distributed in their community. For each person who uses the promo code, they will receive a 10% discount on their GOLD Midwifery Conference registration. In turn, for each person that registers using the association’s promo code, the association will receive a charitable donation matching the value of the 10% discount that was received.

For example, a person registering for the GOLD Midwifery conference with an association promo code at our Category A regular rate would receive a $17.00 discount on a regular registration of $170.00, and the association would also receive a donation of $17.00. The more people who register for the conference using the association’s promo code, the larger the donation will grow.

Criteria & Eligibility
This Program is open to all not-for-profit associations. Promo code may only be applied to GOLD Midwifery Conference registrations. Please contact us in order to get a personal promotion code for your group. Discounts may not be applied to past conference registrations. This offer may not be combined with any other discounts and may only be applied once at a time.

Need text or images to help promote your group? We'd love to help! There are a number of resources currently available including posters and content via our Facebook & Twitter profiles. If you would like something more personal, please reach out and we can create a custom design for your association.

For more information please contact our group administrator, Isabel Da Costa- [email protected].