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GOLD Midwifery is pleased to offer our this Keynote Presentation open to the general public. Our Keynote Presentation always discusses historical, biological, or sociological topics, and is meant to appeal to a wide range of health care professionals.

We're thrilled to have Illiyin Morrison, Registered Midwife, as our Keynote Speaker for this year's GOLD Midwifery Conference. Illiyin's presentation "From Birth to Healing: The Power of Debriefing in Perinatal Trauma Care" will be take place Live February 26, 2024 and is open to anyone in the public to attend. We invite you to join us at either of our two live sessions or access the public recordings of this talk until March 18th, 2024. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

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Illiyin Morrison, RM

Illiyin Morrison is a dedicated midwife, author, and the visionary owner of Mixing up Motherhood, an empowering platform for mothers. With a passion for supporting women during their childbirth journeys, Illiyin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. Her book, "The Birth Debrief," offers a compassionate guide for mothers, families and partners to navigate the complexities of perinatal experiences, providing insights and tools to process and heal.

Illiyin's unwavering commitment to maternal well-being extends beyond the birthing space. Through Mixing up Motherhood, she advocates for comprehensive postpartum care, destigmatizing mental health challenges, racism and unconscious bias and fostering a supportive community for all mothers and families. Her advocacy work emphasizes the importance of self-care, self-acceptance, and embracing the transformative journey of motherhood.

As a midwife, author, and influential figure, Illiyin Morrison continues to inspire and empower mothers, creating a positive impact on their lives and the broader maternal health landscape. Her dedication to enacting change and nurturing the well-being of women shines through in all aspects of her work.

Abstract: From Birth to Healing: The Power of Debriefing in Perinatal Trauma Care

Wanting to be heard is a normal human need. This need to be listened to, validated and understood is especially strong when a birth does not go the way the birthing parent had hoped. When parents do not feel seen, it can lead to trauma that can have a powerful impact during the vulnerable period after birth. This presentation explores the importance and nuances of debriefing following a traumatic or difficult perinatal experience.

Highlighting causes of trauma, importance of trauma informed care, the value of debriefing as well as discussing the risks of trauma and the contributors to perinatal trauma and how they can be avoided. Included are tips on reflection including how to, when and with whom, along with advice on when and how to signpost and discussion around debriefing for healthcare professionals.

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