Value Comparison

Are you wondering what sets GOLD Midwifery Online Conference apart from other forms of education? Are you having a hard time deciding how to spend your continuing education funds? Or, do you need to know how to get the most CEUs and Instructional Hours for the lowest investment?

Maybe our Value Comparison Chart can help you decide! Please note that the comparison models are general estimates of similar educational options, and are not meant to target specific services. Enjoy great education without leaving your clients and loved ones, and take advantage of on-demand access to talks for a full 8 weeks.

GOLD Midwifery Online Conference International
In-person Conference A
In-person Conference B
16.5 18 16
Cost Per Hour $8.48 $52.78 $38.75
Individual Attendee Price $140 $950 $620
Midwifery CEU Offered check check check
CERPs Offered check    
Instant Messaging Feature check
Live Tech Support check
Online Forums check
Recorded Video Presentations check
Ability to re-watch Presentations check
Flexible Schedule check
Travel Costs checkg checkg
Hotel Costs checkg checkg
Food Costs checkg checkg
Live Presentations check checkg checkg
Q&A with Speakers check checkg checkg
Interaction with Conference Participants check checkg checkg

* based on early bird rate, Category A pricing.