GOLD Midwifery 2024 Interactive Sessions

As part of GOLD's dedication to continuing to grow and push the boundaries of what is possible with online learning, we are excited to introduce a new element of the GOLD Midwifery Conference for 2024! Take your online conference learning experience further than ever before during these interactive sessions with top experts.

As our conference grows and we continue to explore new learning opportunities, we welcome you to join us for this enhanced learning experience. Tap into our speakers’ expertise, connect with your international colleagues, and develop skills you can apply directly to your practice.

Learn more about our new interactive session:

Akane Sugimoto Storey

Improving Outcomes for the Dyad: Identification & Management of Hypertension in Pregnancy with Autumn Fuselier, DNP, APRN, CNM
Hypertension is the most common medical problem encountered during pregnancy. The hypertensive spectrum ranges from mild, essential, or gestational hypertension to severe disease, including the pre-eclampsia spectrum, HELLP syndrome, and eclampsia. Staying up to date with the latest research and thoughts on best practices for the identification of disease and clinical management of hypertension in pregnancy can prepare practitioners to efficiently identify and treat pregnant people with hypertension, thereby reducing complications and improving maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity rates.

Participants will learn from various examples and case studies and Identify lab work and treatment options of hypertension in pregnancy based on the latest research. They will also examine their role in providing holistic and preventative care to their clients.

Live Tuesday, February 13.
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Autumn Fuselier

Somatic Movement: An Exploration of Applications in Midwifery Practice, Education, and Leadership with Akane Sugimoto Storey MSc, CPM, RSME
Somatic Movement is an exploratory field that invites phenomenological exploration, or an in-depth focus on the nuances and perceptions of the body from within, to promote sustained positive change. Midwifery refers to the provision of clinical care that safeguards childbirth and the continuums before, after and in lieu of childbearing as normal events; while centering the informed choices, preferences, and values of each care-seeking individual; minimizing unnecessary intervention; and working autonomously within an integrated interprofessional team.

This session will explore how one midwife, across an array of global contexts and settings, has infused these two fields to become one. Explorations will include applications of Somatic Movement in midwifery using examples from client care, midwifery education, provider development, advocacy and leadership development. Participants will leave this session with a baseline understanding of Somatics and, with concepts like experiential anatomy, therapeutic touch, movement patterns, authentic movement, and elements from craniosacral therapy woven across the session, equipped with somatic concepts ready to be used irrespective of the direction of their greatest force, whether through practice, teaching, advocacy, or leadership.

Live Tuesday, February 20.
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We look forward to the engagement, growth, and new ideas that will emerge from these interactive sessions!

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