Managing Weight Gain in the Breastfed Infant Lecture Pack

Infant weight gain is a critical marker of feeding progress, and any professionals working with chest/breastfeeding families need to know how to monitor, assess, and intervene for positive outcomes when necessary. We have gathered expert speakers Prashant Gangal, Shel Banks, and Mary Ryngaert to discuss the latest evidence on why and how we use infant weight charts, what they can tell us and what they can't, and how to intervene when weight gain is inadequate.

Advance your understanding of why and how we track infant growth and the consequences when infant growth falters. Learn more about how to implement an effective care plan when working with a baby with poor weight gain and consolidate your knowledge by working through clinical case studies.

Important: Please note that this package is available on the GOLD Learning CE website as "GOLD Learning Day: Managing Weight Gain in the Breastfed Infant". If you have previously purchased and viewed this series of lectures, you will not be able to claim another accreditation certificate again.

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The Managing Weight Gain in the Breastfed Infant Lecture Pack offers 3 hours of continuing education. This lecture pack is approved for 3 ACNM CEs, 3 ACM CPD Hours, 0.3 MEAC Midwifery CEUs (equivalent to 3 NARM CEUs) & 3 CERPs (3 L).

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Important Note: Please note that this package is available on the GOLD Learning CE website as "GOLD Learning Day: Managing Weight Gain in the Breastfed Infant". If you have previously purchased and viewed this series of lectures, you will not be able to claim another accreditation certificate again.

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