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Keynote Presentation

GOLD Midwifery is pleased to offer a free Keynote Presentation open to the general public. We are pleased to offer this free Keynote Presentation which offers valuable education from a leader in the midwifery field. Listen live and experience our interactive platform that allows delegates to get to know one another and pose questions to the speaker or listen to the recording at your convenience. Invite your friends and colleagues and listen together! It's a great way to generate discussion, new ideas or perspectives and reinvigorate passion and inspiration.

We're thrilled to have Stephanie Tillman, CNM present on "Trauma-Informed Pelvic Care In the Time of COVID-19" to kick off our 7th Annual Midwifery Online Conference on February 1, 2021. We invite you to join us live or access the public recording of this talk until February 28. Simply reserve your seat to receive exclusive access. A certificate of Attendance will be provided.

Need continuing education credits? Only Delegates registered for the full conference will be able to claim continuing education hours and can do so by logging into the Delegates Area prior to watching the presentation. To learn more about registering for the conference, please visit this page. Registered Delegates will have access to this presentation and 12 additional presentations until April 2, 2021 (Annual Members will have until April 23, 2021).

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preterm-speakersKeynote Speaker & Presentation Info

Stephanie Tillman, CNM

Stephanie Tillman (she/her) is a midwife at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She completed her undergraduate degree in Global Health and Medical Anthropology at the University of Michigan, and her graduate degree in Midwifery at Yale University. She is on the Boards of Directors of Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSRH) and the Midwest Access Project (MAP), is an Advisory Committee Member of the Queer and Transgender Midwives Association (QTMA), and is a member of the ACNM Ethics Committee. She is currently a Clinical Medical Ethics Fellow at the University of Chicago's MacLean Center, where she is focusing on consent in intimate exams. Stephanie blogs under the name Feminist Midwife, and through that online platform, academic and public writing, and professional speaking engagements, seeks to interact with providers and consumers in conversations about consent in health provision, queer care, sex positivity, nurses and advanced practice clinicians in abortion care, and trauma-informed frameworks. Find her on social media @FeministMidwife.

Abstract: Trauma-Informed Pelvic Care In the Time of COVID-19

The framework of trauma-informed care first emerged in the 1990s, proposed by sexual assault survivors as a structure for safe engagement with healthcare institutions and providers. Decades later, this approach to intimate care continues to exist more in theory than in standard practice. Exceptionalized circumstances in obstetrics and gynecology, such as the first pelvic exam, care for patients with a known history of sexual assault, or care for queer communities, often embody the ideals of trauma-informed care that could easily be extrapolated to all care interactions. The importance of intentionality in intimate care, including consent processes as well as physical touch, is all the more critical given publicized cases of providers physically and sexually assaulting patients. Further, as COVID-19 continues to affect individuals and communities worldwide, trauma now touches every person’s life in new and challenging ways. This holds the opportunity to facilitate a connected empathy between patients and providers, and thus a new possibility to integrate trauma-informed care into practice. This presentation will review the framework of trauma-informed care, detail best practices for pelvic care, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on intimate examinations, and challenge providers to modify current practices in order to create safe environments for empowering healthcare experiences.

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Feb 1, 2021 17:00 UTC - (Show local time)

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