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GOLD Annual Membership

Benefits of Membership

Enjoy these added privileges:

  • 2 week viewing extension on Conferences!
  • Access the Conference for full 8 weeks!
  • 10% Discount on GOLD Conferences & Events
  • Log in anywhere, anytime, 365/24/7!
  • No more lost Certificates!
  • Print Receipts any time!

Receive 10% Off

on all of the following:

  • GOLD Midwifery Online Conference
  • GOLD Perinatal Online Conference
  • GOLD Lactation Online Conference
  • GOLD Conference Add-ons
  • GOLD Lactation Alumni Presentations
  • GOLD Learning Lecture Library
  • Repeated Programs and Individual Lectures
  • Other Conferences and Events that GOLD may
    offer while Annual Memberships are valid

Only $50 USD/pp

Add a Membership as part of your Conference Registration!
Your Upcoming Conference Costs...
  • GOLD Midwifery $155.00 $139.50
  • Breech Birth Add-on $90.00 $81.00
  • Infant Mental Health Add-on $90.00 $81.00
  • Alumni Presentations $45.00 $40.50
  • GOLD Lactation $225.00 $202.50
  • GOLD Perinatal $205.00 $184.50

Over $60 in Savings!

*Individuals will be able to purchase a GOLD Membership when they register for GOLD Midwifery Online Conference will be able to apply the 10% discount at that time, thereby qualifying for the 10% discount for that purchase.

*GOLD Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Individuals registering for any GOLD events or conferences must have a valid GOLD Membership at the time of purchase in order to qualify for the 10% discount; discount will not be offered retroactively.

*If an individual registers for a GOLD event or conference but declines to take out a Membership, thereby paying the full price of the conference or event at the time of purchase, and then later purchases a GOLD Membership, such an individual does not quality for reimbursement.

*The 10% Membership discount does NOT apply to Group Registrations, Special Registrations, and the Multi-Viewer License because they are already significantly discounted; individuals who are part of a group, special registration or MVL wishing to join GOLD Members and the enjoy the other benefits, must purchase a GOLD Membership separately.