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GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2023 runs from February 6 to May 5, 2023 and brings together the international midwifery community for an engaging learning event! The main conference alone includes 15.5 hours of accredited education from 15 top speakers, and our flexible format includes live presentations and recorded access to fit your busy schedule.

Our focused add-on lecture packs offer an exciting opportunity for conference attendees to take their learning even further in key areas of care. These recorded lecture packs are available throughout the conference period and include downloadable handouts and exclusive forums.

The brand new Clinical Tools for the Changing Landscape of Newborn Care Lecture Pack is brimming with the latest information on infant care and assessment. The 6 hours of education in this package cover trauma-informed infant oral assessment, parent and infant attachment, infant crying, optimising infant sleep and responsive feeding, assessment and management of jaundice, and responsive breastfeeding.

Our Advancing the Art of Breech Birth Lecture Pack brings together 6 hours of presentations with the most up-to-date research and recommendations. Access this lecture pack to learn the latest about upright breech birth, relaxing timing limitations for vaginal breech births, analyzing breech birth videos, manouvers for abnormal breech birth, implications of the latest research, and the OptiBreech Care program.

Access practice-changing content in the area of pregnancy, birth, and the adjustment to parenthood in our Birth & Beyond Lecture Pack! During the 8 hours of education in this add-on you’ll learn about supporting breastfeeding Islamic families, pelvic floor injuries, teamwork to reduce Caesarean rates, Somatic Experiencing for postpartum healing, trauma-informed care, hypermobility spectrum disorders and pregnancy, father-inclusive care, and concealed pregnancy.

You’ll be able to update your breastfeeding knowledge during our Level-Up Your Lactation Skills Lecture Pack! This package features 4 hours of education on assessing and managing mastitis, cervical auscultation, disorganised feeding, and using clinical lactation tools.

Find all the details about registering for this year’s conference and lecture packs here: 

We’ll see you online at GOLD Midwifery 2023!

Our GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2023 Keynote from Toni Harman, BA is an event you don’t want to miss! Join us live on February 27 for “Turn the Microscope on Birth: The Microbiome and Midwifery” to tap into powerful, practice-changing education.

This is a free event with live and recorded access included, so invite your colleagues to join you there:

Keynote Speaker Toni Harman


Toni Harman is a film producer and director whose work includes the widely-acclaimed film MICROBIRTH. Her extensive research on the human microbiome led to her co-authoring multiple books, and she’s spoken at numerous international conferences about the microbiome and epigenetics.

During this Keynote webinar, Toni will share fascinating insights into critical microscopic events that take place during pregnancy. She’ll offer an in-depth look at the role of midwives in supporting the vertical transmission of beneficial microbes from mother to infant and the ways this impacts long-term health. This will be a unique opportunity to tap into Toni’s extensive knowledge while zeroing in on the aspects linked to midwifery care. 

We’ll hear this presentation live twice on February 27 and then the recording will be available.

This Keynote is part of our GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2023. Update your clinical skills and knowledge with 15.5+ hours of accredited education, learn from an inspiring line up of international experts, and take advantage of all the conveniences of online education.

Find out more about this year’s program here: 

We look forward to seeing you online!

Get ready to kick off this year’s conference with some practice-changing education! Join us live on Monday, February 6 with Elizabeth Davis, CPM, BA Holistic Maternity Care at “Shoulder Dystocia: Prediction, Prevention, and Appropriate Response”.

Full details and registration here: 

Elizabeth Davis is a highly-respected midwife, reproductive health care specialist, author, speaker, educator, and consultant. With over 40 years of experience in the field and extensive international work with various organizations and associations, she brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to this year’s conference.

Her info-packed presentation connects you to the most up-to-date information on this potentially very dangerous birth complication. Elizabeth will guide us through a detailed look at the physiology of undisturbed birth and the cardinal movements a baby must accomplish to minimize the likelihood of shoulder dystocia developing. We’ll also explore the impact of common hospital practices and which time-efficient techniques can be used for both anterior shoulder dystocia and bilateral shoulder dystocia.

Learn more about our full conference line up here: 

We look forward to seeing you online for this exciting event!

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