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GOLD Keynote Presentations are the perfect opportunity for those new to GOLD to check out a presentation at no cost, and for everyone to hear from a top speaker highlighting an important topic. We will have two live presentations of this keynote, and a recording will be available on the website until March 10.

Robin Lim has long been an impactful individual in the birthing world. Robin has brought care to numerous high-risk and impoverished mothers through her work as a midwife. Along with her hands-on work, she has authored numerous books and has worked tirelessly to support parental rights. In 2011, Robin was awarded CNN Hero of the Year for her work helping thousands of low-income mothers have safe pregnancies and births.

In her closing keynote presentation “Birth in the Era of Climate Change: Lessons learned in the Epicenter of Disasters”, Robin will share her thoughts on how midwives play a critical role in supporting communities facing disasters. At a time when the number of global disasters is expected to increase, this work is more important than ever. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear about Robin’s extensive experience as well as the insights she’s gained as a midwife and first responder in emergency situations.

Join us for this info-packed closing keynote on February 20 at 14:00 UTC and again at 24:00 UTC. A recording will also be available until March 10. Space is limited, reserve your seat today!

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We look forward to seeing you at the GOLD Midwifery closing keynote presentation. This is an opportunity not to miss for anyone wanting to expand their skillset and gain a greater appreciation for the global work of midwives!

Finding the Pleasure and the Power in Childbirth

GOLD Keynote presentations are engaging and informative for a wide audience. They are available to the general public at no cost.

Debra Pascali

We are thrilled to be kicking off the 2017 GOLD Midwifery Online Conference with a keynote presentation from Debra Pascali-Bonaro, longtime birth activist and director of Orgasmic Birth. As an international speaker with a background that includes working with Lamaze International and DONA International, Debra has a zeal for bringing comfort, love, and pleasure into birth.

During “Moving from Pain to Power, with Passion and Pleasure”, attendees will delve deeper into the hormones of birth and contemplate the sexuality of childbirth. Debra will examine modern birth practices and how they are disconnected from birth being a joyful, transformative experience.

Join us on February 6 for “Moving from Pain to Power, with Passion and Pleasure” which will be presented at 17:00 UTC and again at 23:00 UTC.

And don’t forget about our closing keynote. We’ll be joined by Robin Lim with “Birth in the Era of Climate Change: Lessons learned in the Epicenter of Disasters” on February 20 at 14:00 UTC and again at 24:00 UTC.

Not able to join us live? No problem! Recordings will be publically available until March 10.

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This opening keynote presentation is a must for anyone interested in supporting empowering and joyful birth experiences and creating lasting change for their birthing families. Reserve your seat today and get ready to change your views on birth!

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