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Our 9th annual GOLD Midwifery Online Conference is coming up soon and you won’t want to miss all that we have in store! This highly-anticipated event brings together the international midwifery community with the very latest evidence, research, and clinical skills during top quality online presentations.

Get ready to learn from leading midwifery experts from February 6 to May 5 as we dive into the biggest and hottest topics in midwifery care, maternal health, the perinatal period, and much more. Our main conference brings you 15.5 hours of accredited education, with up to 24 more hours available through our focused add-on lecture packs on newborn care, breech birth, lactation, and birth & beyond.

Access the education you need without costly travel or time away from your practice with our flexible online format! Participate in live presentations plus watch recordings at your own pace throughout the conference period. You’ll also be able to download speaker handouts, ask questions in exclusive forums, and connect with your colleagues through live chats and discussions.

Registration is now open: 

Sign up with friends and save! Groups of 5+ unlock discounted group rates. Students and attendees from many countries also enjoy discounted rates.

We look forward to seeing you online at GOLD Midwifery 2023!

GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2023 is excited to share this very special gift with our GOLD Family! "Untying Breastfeeding" is a documentary that investigates the narrative of families who have navigated significant breastfeeding challenges due to tongue tie. The narrative is juxtaposed with 16 experts from across the world who share the latest understanding and research about various factors and events that sabotage birth and breastfeeding. These factors and events have potentially lifelong implications for the health of humankind.

Effath Yasmin is the filmmaker for this one-of-a-kind documentary as well as a returning speaker at GOLD Midwifery Online Conference. She’s India's leading IBCLC as well as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, an international speaker, author, and a Bach Flower Practitioner. She has a special interest in infant oral, sucking, and airway dysfunction, tongue tie, and quantum energy phenomenon. She currently sits on several national and international professional boards and has spearheaded many projects focused on advocacy, education, and awareness of integrative multidisciplinary wellness approaches. She has published written work on breastfeeding, parenting, and health-related subjects. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Metaphysical Sciences.

Effath’s award-winning film “Untying Breastfeeding” exposes the glaring unseen obstacles to birth, breastfeeding, and early parenting that can help restore motherhood. It has been widely celebrated in over 1600 cities worldwide.

GOLD Midwifery has arranged for a special viewing licence that will give you one week of access to this film from February 7 - 14, 2023.

Click here to register for GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2023

The GOLD Midwifery Online Conference begins Feb. 6, 2023. Get access to this documentary film and 15 highly informative presentations when you register for the conference.

International Day of the Midwife 2022 is coming up on May 5 and we invite you to celebrate and learn with us at our FREE webinar! We’ll be coming together with the international birth community for an inspiring and info-packed educational event with 

During “Secondary Traumatic Stress in Midwives”, Jenny will be sharing important information from her PhD research. We’ll hear all about the risk of trauma for midwives as well as the impact this can then have on their interactions with families in their care. Jenny will address the ways the pandemic has increased stress levels and has led to even greater risk for midwives. She’ll also shed light on the ways ensuring care providers are supported and empowered leads to optimal maternity care interactions.

We’ll hear this presentation live at 6pm GMT / 5pm UTC / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT on May 5, 2022 and registration also includes 4 weeks of on-demand access to the recording.

We look forward to celebrating International Day of the Midwife with you!

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