Breech Birth Add-On Presentations 2017

This year we are excited to offer our Breech Birth add-on package, designed to provide an in-depth focus on the topic of vaginal breech delivery. The climate of vaginal breech birth is changing as more families push to have it available as an option. Professional organizations are also starting to change their stance on breech presentation meaning an automatic C-section. This special package brings together leading experts in the field to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience of helping families to safely experience the vaginal birth of their breech babies. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from Shawn Walker, Gail Tully, Dr. Stuart Fischbein and Dr. Andrew Kotaska!

Offered as a separate product from our main conference, Breech Birth Add-On 2017 is currently available as an add-on feature only to those who register for the GOLD Midwifery Online Conference. *There are no live presentations with this series of lectures, all of the lectures have been pre-recorded.

*Only those registering for the main conference, or have registered for the main conference will have the ability to purchase this lecture pack. You will have the opportunity to purchase this add-on at the time of conference registration, or anytime afterwards (during the time of the conference).

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The Breech Birth 2017 Lecture Pack will offer 5 hours of education. 5 ACNM, MEAC (NARM Bridge - 5 Category 1 CEUs), MidPLUS & CERPs (5R) approved.

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Registration: Regular Registration Now Open! Registration Closes March 15, 2017

Presentations Available Online: February 6th, 2017 & will be available to view until March 31st, 2017 (April 15th for Annual Members)

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  • Pricing above is per person. Group rates for the Breech Birth 2017 Pack will be offered to members at the time of Main Conference Registration Only. As long as you have a group of 5+ members when you register for the GOLD Midwifery Conference, your members will have the option to purchase the add-on. Not all group members are required to purchase the add-on to qualify for group discount pricing. Groups members may choose to purchase the Add-on after their conference registration however they will be charged the individual rate at that time.

Registering for Breech Birth 2017 is easy! You will be prompted to select this add-on package when registering for GOLD Midwifery, selecting 'yes' if you wish to avail yourself of this special education. Log in details to access the Add-on will be the same as when accessing the conference. As a special bonus to Delegates that purchase an add-on package, they will be able to view these presentations starting on the same day as the Keynote Presentation.

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