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Gloria Esegbona

It Is Time To Go Beyond Upright Birth Positioning! How To Prevent Abuse, Pain, Intervention, and Perineal/Pelvic Tears In The Second Stage

  • Speaker: Gloria Esegbona , MRCOG, MBBS, BSc, MSc, MBA, FHEA, Dip (CLIN Ed), WC Fellow, SSE Fellow, CCA SHCR
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  • Duration: 60 Mins
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During birth pain remains a central issue, > 85% of mothers are still tearing their pelvic tissues, 30% push for 2 hours or more, and 10% fail to progress despite reaching the 2nd stage. Central to achieving this is the need for training on birth positioning physiology to be more formalized and academic. As this will show our fixation on the upright position can be as detrimental to progress and cause more long-term trauma than the supine position. Most of the literature and teaching remains rooted in basic terminology that does not fully address the true physiology of birth positioning and the latest research contradicts the holistic benefits of the upright position. Using unique visual animations you will learn a unique approach that will help you understand how the creation of positive or negative pressures influence outcomes. Things that we desperately need to know about birth positioning that is rarely taught in obstetric or midwifery schools, and why one particular practice > 95% of mothers are encouraged to do in the 2nd stage, is the biggest public heath crisis of our time. Creating prolapse, incontinence, diastasis and trauma to the baby etc.