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Almereau Prollius

The Value of Prenatal Hand Expression of Colostrum

  • Speaker: Almereau Prollius , MBChB, MMED (O&G), FCOG (SA), FRCSC
  • Speaker: Naida Hawkins , RN BscN, IBCLC
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  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 ACM CPD, 1 ACNM CEU, 0.1 Midwifery CEU

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life is currently recommended by numerous health authorities including the World Health Organization and UNICEF, and should be encouraged and supported prenatally, perinatally and postpartum. Despite these recommendations, the rate of sustained breastfeeding to six months of life remain low. Prenatal hand expression (PHE) is a method used to assist with colostrum collection beginning near term pregnancy. This technique is low-cost and easy to teach and learn. It has been shown to reduce problems with milk stasis, mastitis and breast engorgement by mobilizing colostrum and breastmilk. Learn more about how this technique can improve breastfeeding exclusivity and duration and how to implement it in your practice.