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Silke Teresa Powell, RM

  • Speaker Type: 2024 Main Presentations
  • Country: Australia

Silke has practiced as a midwife in a range of birth environments for many years. She is also a midwifery educator, working with undergraduate and postgraduate midwives. She originally hails from Yorkshire, UK, but has lived and worked for many years in Marlborough, New Zealand, and more recently has 'crossed the ditch' to Tasmania, Australia.

This presentation is developed from the findings of a structured review of evidence, entitled 'How effective is the presence of meconium-stained amniotic fluid as a predictor of neonatal morbidity and mortality?' undertaken as a Master of Midwifery dissertation at the University of Leeds, UK, back in 2005. A discussion of her findings – 'Holy Meconium' - was published in Essentially MIDIRS in 2013 and she has since presented at conferences. She continues to keep abreast of theories, research findings and practice implications relating to meconium.

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