GOLD Speakers


Vicki Chan, RN, RM

  • Country: Australia

Vicki Chan is the mother of four children, and one very happy grandmother. She has been a midwife since 1983, working in hospitals, birth centre, and 25 years in homebirth practice. Presently she is working in a private hospital facilitating normal birth and has private practice rights at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. She leads (radical) preparation for birth for parents-to-be and, with midwife Lynne Staff, is co-presenter for the Better Birth Workshops for birth-workers. She loves to write poetry, make pottery, and has published her first children’s book. Vicki helped set up the FreMo Birth Centre in the Kawangware slum of Nairobi, Kenya in 2011 where the local staff continue to set a shining example for maternity care in Kenya. She is “committed for life” to the centre and part of the ongoing financing, planning, implementation, and evaluation of midwifery practice there.