GOLD Speakers

United States

Stephanie Larson, DFBT, BFA

  • Speaker Type: Labour Support Skills Lecture Pack
  • Country: United States

Stephanie Larson is the visionary creator and founder of Dancing For Birth™―the powerful class which combines prenatal/postnatal fitness, childbirth education, and sacred celebration and has become a global sensation as the ‘trifecta’ of birth preparation. Over 20 years ago Stephanie instinctively ‘danced-out’ her first child in an empowering and euphoric four-hour birth. Upon hearing her peers’ stories of their traumatic births, she felt called to change the status-quo and bring a radically different birth method to parents and the professionals that serve them. Now, Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructors on four continents educate and mentor parents on an ongoing weekly basis from pre-conception through postpartum (including baby). With each dancing labor, and the resulting connection to body, baby and bliss, birth is being transformed from fear, pain and trauma to power and pleasure.