GOLD Speakers


Stephanie McBride, RH, CA

  • Speaker Type: 2024 Main Presentations
  • Country: USA

Stephanie McBride is a renowned expert in the field of essential oil therapy for pregnancy, a best-selling author, clinical herbalist, functional nutritionist, and an international public speaker. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Stephanie has become a trusted authority on maternal wellness. Her groundbreaking book, "Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness," has been published in six languages, making her insights accessible to a global audience. Through her extensive research and practical expertise, Stephanie has helped countless expectant mothers enhance their well-being and navigate the challenges of pregnancy. Her passion for empowering women to make informed choices and embrace holistic approaches to health has made her a highly sought-after speaker at conferences and events worldwide. Stephanie McBride's contributions to the field of essential oil therapy and her commitment to improving maternal wellness have truly made a lasting impact.