GOLD Midwifery Conference News

Our annual GOLD Midwifery Online Conference is a highlight for the international birth community, and our 2022 conference is set to be our best event to date! With a stellar line up of expert speakers, presentations that bring you the latest info on the biggest topics, and colleagues from around the world, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

This year’s conference runs from February 1 to March 31, 2022 and the main conference alone includes 16.5 hours of accredited education from 17 speakers. Participate in live presentations, watch recordings at your own pace throughout the conference period, and bring your questions right to the speakers during live question and answer sessions and in our exclusive speaker-moderated forums.

Find all the details and register here:

Bring your learning to the next level with in-depth lecture packs available exclusively to conference attendees! These focused presentations take a closer look at key areas in midwifery and maternity care. You’ll enjoy unlimited access to recordings through the conference period.

We’re thrilled to share these three lecture packs at GOLD Midwifery 2022!

Our brand new Advancing the Art of Breech Birth Add-on Lecture Pack which includes:

  • “Upright Breech Birth - Tricks of the Trade” 

  • “Avoiding Another Friedman Curve: Are We Ready to Relax Timing Limitations in Vaginal Breech?” 

  • “Breech Birth Video Analysis” 

  • “Optimal Time Intervals of Vaginal Breech Births: A Case Control Study” “Maneuvers for Abnormal Breech Birth: A Review” 

  • “Using Research to Optimise Safety and Availability of Vaginal Breech Birth” 

Our Early Years: Connecting the Dots from 0-3 Add-On Lecture Pack that brings you:

  • “Trauma-Sensitive Care in the Early Years”

  • “The Neuroscience of Connection: Understanding Regulation for Ourselves and Others”

  • “Building Strong Children: The Power of Buffering Protection Through Responsive Parenting and Caring Communities” 

  • “Inner Child Co-Regulation – How Empathic Dialogue Can Clear Implicit-Memory Blocks to Bonding”

  • “A Neuroscience-Based Paradigm Shift for Parenting Kids With Dysregulated Behaviors”

  • “Foetal Programming and the Impact of Stress” f

Our Translating Knowledge Into Practice: Creating Effective Lactation Care Plans Add-on Lecture Pack where you’ll find:

  • “The Baby's Not Gaining Weight! Now What?” 

  • “Care Plan Design for Treating Infant Oral Dysfunction” 

  • “Putting a Plan in Place for Pumping” 

  • “Walking with NICU Families Through Their Infant Feeding Journey” 

  • “Common Infant Digestive Health Concerns and Useful Support Strategies” 

  • “Breastfeeding Beyond All Obstacles: Breastfeeding Families and Complicated Mastitis” 

Sign up for any or all of these lecture packs and enjoy cutting-edge research and recommendations!

We look forward to seeing you online at GOLD Midwifery 2022 for all the fantastic moments of learning and sharing!