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Our GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2023 Keynote from Toni Harman, BA is an event you don’t want to miss! Join us live on February 27 for “Turn the Microscope on Birth: The Microbiome and Midwifery” to tap into powerful, practice-changing education.

This is a free event with live and recorded access included, so invite your colleagues to join you there:

Keynote Speaker Toni Harman


Toni Harman is a film producer and director whose work includes the widely-acclaimed film MICROBIRTH. Her extensive research on the human microbiome led to her co-authoring multiple books, and she’s spoken at numerous international conferences about the microbiome and epigenetics.

During this Keynote webinar, Toni will share fascinating insights into critical microscopic events that take place during pregnancy. She’ll offer an in-depth look at the role of midwives in supporting the vertical transmission of beneficial microbes from mother to infant and the ways this impacts long-term health. This will be a unique opportunity to tap into Toni’s extensive knowledge while zeroing in on the aspects linked to midwifery care. 

We’ll hear this presentation live twice on February 27 and then the recording will be available.

This Keynote is part of our GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2023. Update your clinical skills and knowledge with 15.5+ hours of accredited education, learn from an inspiring line up of international experts, and take advantage of all the conveniences of online education.

Find out more about this year’s program here: 

We look forward to seeing you online!